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2 Reasons Why You May Need To Have Your Broken Down Car Towed On A Flatbed Truck

by Troy Fowler

When you think about having your car towed, you may envision a truck pulling up with a hook and chain that connects to the front or back wheel axle. Or, you may have seen wheel lift trucks that pull one set of tires on a platform to pull it behind them.

Along with these towing methods, flatbed trucks that place the entire vehicle on a ramp bed are also used. If you need to have your car towed while broken down, there are a couple of instances when you may need to let the towing company know they should bring a flatbed truck.

1. You Do Not Want to Risk Damage to Your Car from Having It Towed with a Hook-and-Chain Truck

One reason why your car may need a flatbed to tow it when it is broke down is that you do not want to risk further damage to your car. For example, if your car is older and the undercarriage is rusted, a hook-and-chain truck would not be appropriate since it could pull through the wheel axle.

Also, if you have a luxury car, it is often recommended by the dealership's warranty that they only be towed using a flatbed truck. This will give the car more stability while being towed and greatly reduce the risk of it being damaged.

2. Your Car Has Already Sustained Considerable Damage After Being Involved in an Accident

Another possible reason why you should request a flatbed truck when you need to have your car towed is when it has already sustained considerable damage after being involved in an accident. If your car was struck in a collision, the frame may be been bent or the wheels severely knocked out of alignment.

If the car is undrivable because of the accident, pulling it even with a wheel lift truck would not be possible because it would not pull straight. In this instance, a flatbed truck would be the preferable towing method for your car.

If your broken-down car may sustain more damage using other towing methods or it is a luxury car, a flatbed truck would be a more appropriate towing method than a hook-and-chain or wheel lift truck. Also, if the car is completely undrivable because it was involved in an accident, you will need to let the service know that you need a flatbed to tow it. If your car is broken down and you need help, contact a 24-hour towing company to speak with a dispatcher and explain your situation.