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Scraping Your Junk Car Legally So You And The Scrap Yard Are Protected

by Troy Fowler

When contacting a junk car removal service to pick up your car and scrap it for you, there are some things you need to consider. The car may not have much value, but the age of the vehicle and the state you live in can impact what you need to do to ensure you can legally scrap the car or truck. Most of the rules are in place to ensure you own the vehicle and have the right to sell the car or truck to the scrap yard.

Vehicle Title

When selling your old car or truck for scrap, you must prove that the vehicle belongs to you. In most states, that means having a title that is assigned to you in hand so you can present it to the buyer. There are some exceptions, and they vary from state to state, so it is essential that you check with the DMV (department of motor vehicles) where you live to ensure you are following the guidelines there.

One exception made in many states is related to vehicle age. If the car or truck exceeds a specified age, the state may not require a title, but that age can also vary considerably. If your state says the vehicle no longer needs the title to sell or scrap it, you still need to prove the car or truck belongs to you before the junk car removal service will take it off your hands. 

Other Documents

When you are selling an older car or one that is totaled to a junk car removal service, one of the documents that can make the process easier is the last registration for the car or truck. The registration should be in your name and indicate that you are the registered owner to provide proof that you have the right to sell it. 

In some states, forms are available from the DMV to prove vehicle ownership, but the required documents may vary from state to state, so you will need to check to determine which ones are necessary. The junk car removal service is often familiar with the forms and might be able to tell you what you need in your state if you are having trouble determining the requirements.

Insurance Coverage

Before you sell a car or truck to a junk car removal service, it is vital that you cancel the insurance on the vehicle. The insurance company needs to know that the car is being destroyed or recycled so they do not accept claims on it later. 

If the junk car removal service resells the car later, it will be up to them to deal with getting the vehicle a new title so it can be registered and insured by the new owner. However, the likelihood of that happening is very low. Call the insurance company once you sell the car, and they can take it off your insurance policy.

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