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Auto Glass Repair For Tinted Windows

by Troy Fowler

If you have tinted windows, there is no need to worry; you can have your damaged auto glass repaired. However, it is helpful to keep in mind that the repair process is somewhat different from someone who does not have tint on their windows. If you have damaged auto glass and tinted windows, learn more about what you might expect from the process.

Tint Must Be Removed

The first thing you should understand about the process is that, sadly, the existing window tint must be removed. Depending on the extent of the damage to the glass, the repair process will generally involve the application of a resin filler material. 

Upon injection, the resin filler fills the crack or seal in the glass and seals it, but it is only effective if it makes contact with the glass. It will not travel through the tint film installed over the glass. As a result, the tint must be removed for proper repairs.

Tint Can be Reapplied on the Spot

Although the tint must be removed from the vehicle, you do not have to worry about taking your vehicle to a tint shop after the glass has been repaired. Many shops that perform auto glass repair also have the capability to install new tint. 

As part of your repair, before your vehicle is returned to you, the repair technician can reapply the same tint that you had before the auto glass was repaired. Additionally, even if you decide that you want to change the tint on all the windows on your vehicle, the auto repair glass shop can help you.

Process Takes Slightly Longer

Fortunately, the auto glass repair process is not a long one, but for a vehicle with tinted windows, it is helpful to assume that it might take a little longer than usual for the repair to be completed. The delay primarily has to do with the resin setting process. Before the new tint can be applied to the repaired glass, the resin must have time to set.

On a vehicle without tint, the owner can often drive their vehicle while this setting process is completed. However, if the repair shop will reapply tint, they will need to keep your vehicle at the repair shop until this setting process is complete and then the new tint is installed.

Rest assured, any professional auto glass repair shop is well equipped to repair your auto glass and return your tinted windows to their original state. So do not hesitate to have your damaged glass repaired right away.

For more information, contact a local auto glass repair service.