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Making The Leap To Become An Owner-Operator

by Troy Fowler

Owning your own semi-truck can be an extremely freeing feeling as it can allow you to have a significant amount of professional freedom. However, a semi-truck is a major investment to make in your profession, and you will need to be as informed as possible before finalizing this purchase if you are to be sure to get a vehicle that will satisfy your professional requirements.

Consider The Special Needs Team Drivers May Have

If you operate as a team driver, it is important to appreciate that the features you are needing from your vehicle can be very different. For example, semi-trucks that are designed for team drivers will typically have a sleeping area or other areas where the team member that is not driving can rest. In addition to this basic requirement, these vehicles can often have higher electrical sources due to the both team members to having electronic devices that they may need to use.

Be Fully Aware Of Any Potential Truck's Limit

The hauling limit of the truck is another consideration that should always be considered. Attempting to exceed the hauling capacity of your semi can be extremely damaging and dangerous. Additionally, it can lead to the insurance being voided and other potential liabilities. While paying for a truck with a more powerful hauling capacity will be more expensive, it can be the only safe option for transporting the large loads that you may be asked to haul. Otherwise, you could be forced to pass on these potentially lucrative opportunities.

Take Advantage Of Used Semi-Truck Providers

Buying a used semi-truck is one of the best options for keeping this major purchase affordable. For those that are in the early stages of considering making the jump to become an owner-operator, the thought of having to buy a new semi-truck can be daunting. However, a used semi-truck that was well-maintained and inspected before being sold will still be an extremely reliable option.

Evaluate The Various Financing Options Available For Buying A Semi-Truck

While it is easy to assume that a traditional lender will be the most viable option for financing a semi-truck, these lenders may not always be the best option. In fact, there are some semi-truck retailers that are able to provide financing terms for their clients that can be competitive with those offered by more traditional lenders. This option will also have the added benefit of being more convenient, which can be easy for busy professionals that may have limited time.

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