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Smart Windshields: Impressive Technical Features Of The Future

by Troy Fowler

The windshield is often viewed as a straightforward part of your vehicle with a single function. As much as it may be true that the windshield shields you from wind and debris on the road, this auto glass can now do far more than that. Smart windshield technology is something to seriously consider if you are into futuristic things and need a windshield replacement. Take a look at some of the things smart windshields can do for you while you are in your car. 

Your windshield could tell you where to stop for gas, among other things. 

You see your fuel light is on, and you only have a few miles to go before you're totally empty. You're stuck in the middle of traffic and can't reach for your phone. Lucky you; you have a smart windshield, so you don't need your phone. All you have to do is speak what you need through your car's microphone system. The guidance you need will pop up right on your car's windshield. 

Smart windshields with this kind of technology incorporated work just like on-glass GPS systems, but they are far more capable of doing a lot of different things. You can connect the windshield to your phone and have access to maps, track down restaurants in the area with guidance, and more. 

Your windshield could completely block out the sunlight and interior views. 

Imagine this: you are sitting in your car eating lunch in the parking lot at work. You've spent all day dealing with customers and you just want to eat your lunch in privacy without everyone gawking at you as you do. With a smart windshield, you may be able to push a button and in an instant, your windshield and the rest of the auto glass will go from completely see-through to solid-colored. This function can also keep your car cool because it blocks out the sun. 

All this sounds like magic, but there is actually a really good explanation. The windshield glass contains millions of tiny particles that are electrically charged. When you touch a certain button, all those particles line up to create a solid protective screen. This feature is possible because of a film with a sci-fi name known as a "Suspended Particle Device." It may sound futuristic, but USA Today said in 2017 that the film was expected to be used in 25 vehicles in the coming years. 

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